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In 2015 in the completion of a joint project of the IHRC and the Academy of Modern Policy on preparation of observers to the local elections in Ukraine in the Verkhovna Rada held an international roundtable "Challenges to political education and professional monitoring of the electoral process" Welcome speech to the participants of the round table was made by...more

Sir Rafal Marcin Wasik
Ambassador at Large
Secretary General IHRC

Mr Iurii M. Kiperman
Ambassador at Large
First Vice Secretary General

The state of Ukraine, the city of Kiev, is experiencing the 77th anniversary of  Babiy Yar, in which from 1941 to 1943, 200,000 people were mass executions.
These are such nationalities as: Jews, Ukrainians,
Russians, Hungarians, Romanians, Moldovans, as well as prisoners of the Red Army. The whole world must prevent the repetition of such horror that occurred in the city occupied by the Nazis in Kiev. Most states are concerned about the manifestation..more

I like to inform you that: Mr.Robert Shumake do not belong to our organization. IHRC on the American Region. He never received authorization from the organization to represent the IHRC. He did not receive an appointment as an IHRC member. The person authorized to sign the nomination documents in the IHRC is the Secretary General of IHRC Sir Rafal Marcin Wasik...more

Bagatyrky Games - Kiev Ukraine
In honor of the twentieth anniversary of the Bagatyrky Games, on August 25, 2018, in the territory of the Great Podillya Fair "Kyiv Contracts", for the first time, teams of twin cities of Kyiv: Poland ,Estonia, Slovakia ,Germany, Austria, Hungary took part in the "Match of sister cities" heroic tournament...more

USPA NEWS - La Commission Internationale des Droit de L'homme. Looks like this organization has the ability to solve the current situation with jet fugitives into the EU. I personally had the opportunity to speak to the IHRC representative, and amazed me with their hard work and enthusiasm with which they embarked on work. They started to work on the hardest ...more
International Human Rights Commission
with the participation of the First world Vice Secretary General Ambassador Yurii Kiperman, together with the Charitable Foundation of People's Deputy Alexander Shevchenko "New Ivano-Frankivsk" and the permanent donors, such as the of the Dnepropetrovsk administration ..more
We are pleased to inform you all about the official government accreditation ( No 200/28330) of International Human Rights Commission / La Commission Internationale des Droits de l’Homme/ Humanitarian Foundation
In Ukraine. Address of the Office..more
We are pleased to inform you all. That as a result of the visit of the Secretary General of the IHRC Sir Rafal M Wasik in the Republic of Bissau Guinea / West Africa. The MOU..more
From the Ambassadors Conference of the Republic of Kosovo,
Together Elvana Shala Ambassador of Goodwill International Human Rights Commission of Kosovo with Ms. Zana Rudi Ambassador of Kosovo to Panama and Ms. Teuta Sahatqija General...more
UNITED NATIONS - Inter Cluster
Ukraine: Humanitarian Snapshot (as of 3 October 2018)
Two ceasefires brokered for the harvest season (1 July) and ahead of the school year (29 August) appear to have had a positive impact on the conduct of hostilities in eastern Ukraine. This is indicated through 55 per cent decline in civilian casualties from 16 in July to 8 in August – one of the lowest total in 2018. However, in August, there was a 20 per cent increase in hostilities, compared to July, with critical civilian infrastructure, particularly water and sanitation facilities coming under fire on four occasions...more
Ukraine: Checkpoints - Humanitarian Snapshot (as of 28 September 2018)
With 1.3 million civilian crossings across the ‘contact line’, August was the busiest month at the checkpoints, since they were established in 2015. This however, is not a surprise, as there has been a consistent trend of increased crossing over the last two summers, with a peak usually observed in August. This coincides with national examination periods (May-June), harvesting season and pre-school term vacation. Available evidence also suggests that one of the main reason for crossing in both directions was visiting family or friends, indicating people’s desire to maintain family ties and social networks. ...more
Educational Program
Located in Shingar - Baltistan, Patronage
International Human Rights Commission, Czech Republic, EU IC 05967023.Project Manager: H.E. Raheela Khan Ambassador at Large International Human Rights Commission

All seminars and courses participants acquire IPP Certificates approved by the International Human Rights Commission. PROJECTS, SEMINARS, COURSES “Contemporary approaches to trauma therapy” Seminar. (Kiev, Ukraine) “Psychological training for rescue workers and lifeguards” Training course. (Tel-Aviv-Yaffo, Israel) “Loss and grief treatment” Seminar. (Kiev, Ukraine) “Help the helpers”. Seminar “Actualization of personality resources...more
The Ripple Effect Project - ISRAEL
A Trauma Therapy Program for Civil Socienty in Post - War Zone International Psycho -Education Projects. IPP aims to promote and improve resilience by providing various courses in Israel and abroad in these fields: Trauma treatment International Psycho-Educational Projects Israel, together with International Human Rights Commission, are implementing a joint project with Israeli organization “BAR’EL”, engaged ..more
Original uniquely designed metaphoric cards of association OMNIS is a modern up-to-date tool for psychologists and psychotherapists appropriate both for diagnostics and for further psychotherapy. The uniqueness of the deck is that it may be used either for psycho-education while dealing with trauma and crisis or for work with resource states according to the Prof. Mooli Lahad BASIC Ph Model ..more
International Psycho - Educational Project
"Wave Effect"
is a program for training specialists in the post-war zones. The program is developed for the Republic of Kosovo. Courses for Professionals in The Field of Mental Health. Our goal is to harness all the knowledge and experience we gained during many years of experience and train local ...more
Violence against Woman Project International Human Rights Commission * African Region *
Violence against women is violent and deliberate behavior directed at women and takes many forms, whether moral or physical, and according to the United Nations definition, violence against women is the behavior against women and motivated by sexual neurosis, resulting in suffering and injury to...more
The environment Project - International Human Rights Commission * African Region *
The environment God created the planet, and created in it all that human needs for living, growth and development, and man was able to perform all his functions well because of the exploitation of these different elements, and the human is linked..more
Women Empowerment Project - International Human Rights Commission * African Region *
Among the diverse and vital roles played by women
As an educator, teacher, farm worker, entrepreneur. and leader in the community. Women form the backbone of communities in the city and the countryside...more

H.E. Miroslaw Szczubelek
the Ambassador at Large IHRC in Estonia
from 04-09-2018
until 04-09-2023

H.E. Lusenge Ithopin the Ambassador IHRC in Democratic Republic of Congo
from 31-07-2018
until 31-07-2022

H.E. Liudmyla Pavlivna Suprun
the Ambassador IHRC in Ukraine
from 12-06-2018
until 12-06-2022

Lord Ducan McNair the Ambassador at Large IHRC in UK
from 12-06-2018
until 14-06-2022

Volunteer SMM IHRC is entitled to act as part of IHRC - Special Monitoring Mission International Human Rights Commission / SMM IHRC / programs, but has no right to represent and collect donations without separate authorization of the Headquarters - Czech Republic. If you have any doubts or need additional information, please contact us at address e-mail: volunteering@ ihrchq.org... .more

Clementine Njeri Wanjiru
/ Kenya/
Date of acession: 09.10.18
Mehiedine El Chehimi
/ Lebanon/
Date of acession: 07.10.18
Mohamed Saad Eddin
/ Egipt/
Date of acession: 27.03.18
Mohammed Abdulkareem Al Zahrani
/ Saudi/ No.V492
Date of acession: 26.09.18
Mousa Issa Alhaj Ali Ramadan
/ Jordan/ No.V491
Date of acession: 26.09.18
Muhammad Adnan Asghar
/ Pakistan/
Date of acession: 25.09.18

Lets as grow, give the particle away.
"What we doing now, we doing for generations"

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