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Intergovernmental Humanitarian Foundation
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Press note
*Important Official Notice*
The International Human Rights Commission IHRC is registered in the Czech Republic and IHRC informs that it is not associated to a man from Pakistan by the name of Dr. Shahid Amin Khan.
This man claims he is the world chairman of the IHRC, this is a blatant lie, this person was arrested for financial crimes and more offences, he is currently in a prison in Pakistan. The founders of IHRC RFTdecided to remove the president of the foundation due to the embezzlement of large sums of money taken wrongly from IHRC members from around the world. After many reports to me as the Secretary General of the IHRC, we immediately separated ourselves from this individual. Together with the new chairman of the IHRC Federation, we cut ourselves off from the one who runs only criminal activities in the world and we warn other people of good will to stay away from him. The detrimental activity of this person exposed IHRC’s high credibility in the world.
Department Security
Headquarters IHRC
Pesiho pluku c.p. 238, Street.
Fridek - Mistek
PSC 738 01, office number 55
Czech Republic ID 5967023
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ID 05967023 CZ ( EU )
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