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International Human Rights Commission (Middle East Office) condemns the arrest of Israelis while expressing their opinion...
The International Commission on Human Rights announced its deeply outraged by the arrest of civilians in Israel during demonstrations against government corruption in central Tel Aviv.
The office of Ambassador Dr. Haissam Abu Said (Special Envoy to the UNOG Affairs) revealed It is no wonder that the Security Forces are doing the same against their citizens simply to express their dissatisfaction with the performance of their government.
He added that the International Bill of Human Rights beings have clearly stated freedom of expression and any action in this regard is an offence to which international law is held accountable.
Ambassador Bou- Said concluded that the authorities should calm their affairs instead of complicating them more, especially since the committee was keen to lift the violations of the Israelis rightly Civilians in Gaza to the International Criminal Court.
Ambassador at Large
Dr Bou-Said Haissam

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