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The International Human Rights Commission - IHRC Secretary General Sir Rafal Marcin Wasik would like to thank you for your dedication and commitment to IHRC development for new Department Volunteers in International Human Rights Commission. We invite new coordinators to create a global IHRC volunteer network.We need Leaders to support a global project to help the needy, the wronged. We are looking for people who want to promote their values ​​and social involvement in IHRC. We are waiting for you, do not hesitate, we wait for you.

Coordinators Special Monitoring Mission International Human Rights Commission
General Coordinator in Europe Region
Head of the Volunteer Department

Jarosław Tatarowski
Ambassador at Large
Regional Coordinator
Volunteer in Poland

OFMcap Grzegorz Badziag
Commissioner  in Poland

General Coordinator in Balkans Region

Ambassador of Goodwill in Kosovo
Elvana Shala
General Coordinator in Northern Europe  Region

Ambassador of Goodwill in UK
Pamila Malik

General Coordinator in South
Americans Region

Ambassador at Large

Genaral Coordinator
in Asia Pacyfic Region

Ambassador at Large
Advisor UN
Affairs IHRC
Mohsin Durrani

General Coordinator
in African Region

Ambassador at Large in Nigeria
Dr. Friday Sani

Regional Coordinator
Volunteer in Kenya
ID V460
Peter Komme Kaburu

General Coordinator
in Arabic Region

Ambassador at Large in Algeria
Abdelkader Boubekeur

Regional Coordinator Volunteer in Algeria
* Algeria *

Mimouna Addad
Vice Ambassador IHRC in Algeria
Regional Coordinator Volunteer in Yemen
ID V470
Gadeer Ali Hamood

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