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Legal basis
Public register
Abstract from the register
INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION - Endowment Fund, in abbreviated form: IHRC - Endowment Fund, N 1754 chaired by the Municipal Court in Prague
ID: 05967023

Status recognizedby IHRC operates based on art.105 Card United Nations with reference to:
art. 69 Convencion IMO, and art. 60 Chicago Convention and Vienna Convention1961 & 1986

The International Human Rights Commission - IHRC is a private Intergovernmental Organization that does not work through and on behalf of the Government of the Czech Republic
Extract from the statute
*Art. XIII of the IHRC Statute*
1. In the event of the conclusion of a memorandum between the IHRC and any foreign state, the IHRC shall become an Intergovernmental Organization, the International Human Rights Commission.
2. In connection with the conclusion and signature of intergovernmental agreements with the Republic of Guinea-Bissau, the Republic of Niger and the Kingdom of Hawaii, the provisions of point 1 of this Article of the Charter have been complied with and the IHRC is an Intergovernmental Organization.
3. In connection with the registration and establishment of foreign representations in Ukraine and the Republic of Lebanon, the International Human Rights Commission becomes an Supreme Supranational Organization.
*Art. III of the IHRC Statute*
3. The IHRC has the right to ratify international conventions.
4. The purpose of the IHRC is fulfilled on the basis of ratification of the following conventions:
  • Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, adopted on 18 April 1961 in Vienna,
  • Vienna Agreement on Contract Law, 1969,
  • Vienna Convention on Consular Relations of 1963,
  • Vienna Convention on Representation of States in Relations with Universal International Organizations of 1975,
  • Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties between States and International Organizations, or between International Organizations, 1986,
  • Chicago Convention on International Civil Aviation, concluded on 7 December 1944 in Chicago.
  • European Convention on Human Rights, concluded in Rome on 4 November 1956,
  • Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards (the so-called New York Convention) concluded in June 1958 in New York
  • Convention on the Peaceful Settlement of International Disputes, done at The Hague on 18 October 1907 (the so-called Hague Convention).
5. The range of activities that the IHRC performs with regard to its purpose:
a) the establishment and conduct of special, peace and diplomatic missions of the IHRC,
b) the establishment of the IHRC diplomatic corps for activities within diplomatic missions and the support of all other activities of the IHRC abroad and in the Czech Republic,
c) issuing travel documents to members of IHRC diplomatic missions in the form of diplomatic cards or other documents defined by international law,
d) issuing IHRC diplomatic corps labels for vehicles serving in a diplomatic mission in the form of a "CD" sticker and a carrier's travel order for that diplomatic mission,
e) organization of humanitarian and development aid abroad and in the Czech Republic,
f) providing assistance to politically, racially or otherwise persecuted persons abroad and in the Czech Republic,
g) providing assistance to local governments and other local organizations abroad and in the Czech Republic,
h) organizing assistance to minorities abroad and in the Czech Republic,
i) social counseling abroad and in the Czech Republic,
j) educational activities abroad and in the Czech Republic,
k) providing volunteer activities abroad and in the Czech Republic,
l) organization of cultural and sports events abroad and in the Czech Republic,
m) observation and evaluation activities of democratic processes, especially electoral processes, abroad and in the Czech Republic,
n) organizing and supervising referendums abroad and in the Czech Republic, -
o) activities against trafficking in human beings,
p) actions against the illegal adoption of children,
q) organizing the search for people, especially children, missing as a result of hostility.

Copyright 2018. Created by IHRC Czech Republic
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The prohibition of processing the data of the organization and its members, in particular applies to persons or others, who submit slander or untrue content in the mass media.
copyright / confidentiality penalty $ 1 million according to Article 6 of the agreement, the competent is arbitration court .
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