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Ukrainian Snap Parliamentary
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More than 35 million people were eligible to vote in Ukraine’s presidential election on March 31 – the first electoral test for President Petro Poroshenko since he came to power in 2014 on a wave of pro-Western protests. More than 967 registered international observers monitored the vote on March 31, according to the election commission.
Sir.Rafal Marcin Wasik the General Secretary of the International Human Rights Commission & Coordinator of International Observers along with 29 members IHRC team were officially monitored the Ukrainian Presidential Elections 2019. IHRC team with 12 IHRC members from Ukraine & the rest from Embassy of Ukraine in France, Poland, Belarus, Latvia, Lebanon, USA, Czech Republic, Montenegro, Spain, Austria, Israel, UK, Estonia. Algeria & others. The IHRC Citizens Association in Ukraine were also been accredited as a local social observer for the Presidential Election.
Originally scheduled to be held at the end of October 2019, the 2019 Ukrainian parliamentary elections were brought forward after newly inaugurated President Volodymyr Zelensky dissolved parliament early on 21 May 2019 (a day after his inauguration). The Central Election Commission (CEC) said the ruling party had secured 43.11% of the votes after more than 90% had been counted on Monday. This was followed far behind by the pro-Russian party Opposition Platform for Life, which secured 13.03%, and former Ukrainian prime minister Yulia Tymosehnko’s Fatherland party with 8.18%.
European Solidarity, the party of former president Petro Poroshenko, secured just 8.15% of the vote. However, the historic majority for Servant of the People, which is led by Dmytro Razumkov, was somewhat overshadowed by reports of an equally historic poor voter turnout. The turnout was registered at 49.9%, which was the lowest ever in the history of Ukraine’s parliamentary elections, and was the first time it dipped below 50%.
The Members of the International Human Rights Commission, European Union
were once again an international observer in the Extraordinary Parliamentary Election 21.07.2019 in Ukraine. On July 21, members of the IHRC Ambassador at Large Jarosław Tatarowski and Ambasador at Large Maciej Barton as observers authorized by the Central Election Commission of Ukraine conducted an audit of the correctness of the election process at a foreign electoral point at the Embassy of Ukraine in Warsaw, Poland. Ambassador of the International Human Rights Commission Tareq Ziad control the electoral point of the Central Election Commission of Ukraine at the Embassy of Ukraine in the Kingdom of The Netherlands
Ambassadors at Large International Human Rights Commission, Ladislav Tesarik and Marcell Vallas control the electoral point of the Central Election Commission of Ukraine at the Embassy of Ukraine in Prague, Czech Republic. Ambassador ot the International Human Rights Commission Arnolds Babrin and Special Member Olegs Olescuks / International Experts control the electoral point of the Central Election Commission of Ukraine at the Embassy of Ukraine in the Riga of The Latvia. The Ambassador at Large IHRC, Dr. Sani Friday, visited today the embassy of Ukraine in Abuja, Nigeria. Because there are no registered Ukrainian citizens, the electoral point was not operated.
IHRC Secretary General Sir Rafał Marcin Wasik checked election point No. 900071 in Krakow, Poland. At 11 o’clock in the morning, 196 people voted in democratic elections, at 13 o’clock the number increased to 416 people. Good attendance is a sign of great interest in the election. At the Ukrainian Consulate General in Krakow, as many as 12,172 people have registered for the right to vote. In the evening, we will give the full number of people who gave their vote.
Observers were correctly written off the documents by protection and again by the chairman of the electoral commission, after which they were given full access to the electoral rooms as they wished and all the information they were provided was given. After closing at 20:00 the polling station, IHRC observers were invited to participate in counting votes and preparing a report. Observers as a result of the inspection state that the elections are conducted in accordance with the rules, transparently and with the full involvement of functionaries.
Mohsin Durrani
Ambassador at Large
Advisor UN Affairs

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