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First visit of the IHRC Secretary-General
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IHRC Europe - Africa Agenda: Secretary-General, Rafał Wasik Visit DRC
Secretary General of the Transnational Intergovernmental Organization “International Human Rights Commission” Prof. h.c. Rafał Wasik, together with Director Ambassador Ewelina Pawłowska and Commissioner Adam Miziev, paid a several-day visit to the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Kinshasa.

During a series of meetings with the DRC diplomatic protocol under the leadership of IHRC Ambassador to the DRC Hassan Maatoouk, activities were discussed to urgently launch the IHRC diplomatic mission in the DRC. It was established as a result of the diplomatic agreement signed by the IHRC on August 9, 2023, with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the DRC, based on the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations of April 18, 1961.
During the visit, the IHRC delegation held a protocol meeting with the Vice Premier and the Minister of Home Affairs, Security and Customary Affairs DRC Mr. Peter Kazadi, with whom proposals to increase security in the DRC and observation of the upcoming elections were discussed.

- the Office of the President represented by the H.E. Ambassador of The Head State DRC Presidency of the Republic His Excellency Ibalanky Ekolomba Claude and Prof.Ntumba Bwatshia Nocole Ph.D serving as Deputy Chief of Staff in Charge of Legal, Political and Diplomatic Affairs of the Head of State where the work strategy and plans of IHRC in DRC were discussed, as well as the preparation of the official meeting scheduled for November with the President of DRC, Hon. Felix Tihisekedi.

The IHRC delegation also met with representatives of the diplomatic protocol of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the DRC
H.E. Ambassadors Debré Bokoyo Baelo, acting as Director of the Cabinet, and Wabenga Kalebo, acting as Secretary General and Head of the Division of the Directorate of Inspection of Diplomatic and Consular Fingers. At a very fruitful meeting, the diplomatic office of MZS DRC assured strong support for IHRC's activities in DRC.

The IHRC delegation was also warmly welcomed by Mr. Bernard Mutanda Nzuzi, Director of the State Directorate of Protocol at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the DRC, where we were assured of the diplomatic support of the IHRC Mission in the DRC.

Finally, there was a meeting with H.E. Antoine Ghonda Mangalibi, Honorary Minister of Foreign Affairs of the DRC, who constantly supported and assisted our delegation. We would like to thank him for his professional cooperation.
It is an honor for our organization that Mr. Antoine has agreed to serve as IHRC High Commissioner in the DRC.
Summarizing the several-day visit and IHRC's plans in DRC, we can certainly emphasize the real prospects for fruitful cooperation. The openness of the representatives of the DRC Government makes us optimistic and increases the motivation for constructive actions in this huge and wonderful African country.
We have a lot of work ahead of us, including in the field of stimulation of the Agro sector, education and security. We hope for very quick results of our cooperation.
At the same time, we invite international agencies, organizations and local investor communities to cooperate for the economic, economic and social development of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Ms. Ewelina Pawłowska
Ambassador at Large
Director of IHRC Diplomatic Protocol

Kinhsasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo, 1/11/2023

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