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...Because what we do today, we do for Generations...
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IHRC Press Department
Press center
“Join Our Press Department: Shape the Future with the International Human Rights Commission”
The International Human Rights Commission is thrilled to announce the expansion of our newly established Press Department, which is at the heart of our peaceful humanitarian mission. Therefore, we are looking not only for journalists, investigative journalists, and photojournalists, but also for professionals across a broad spectrum of media - from camera operators and radio journalists to social media experts and television producers. Our goal is to assemble a team that can convey stories with a real impact on the world through diverse media channels.
We encourage individuals with experience in press, television, radio, and other digital media who are ready to contribute to our mission of spreading peace and humanitarianism to collaborate with us. We offer press IDs and certificates confirming participation in our mission.
If you are ready to join our team and work together on creating media that inspires and leads to change, please register through the provided link.
Together, we can create a space for stories that truly matter.
Press Department:

Prof. h.c. Rafał Marcin Wasik,
Secretary General of the International Human Rights Commission,
World Chairman IHRC Group
Because what we do Today, we do for Generation

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