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Critical Meeting for Peaceful Stability in Lebanon: IHRC Ambassador at Large Maj. Gen. IPC Romanos Aziz Raad Engages with Armenian Patriarch

In a significant effort to address the ongoing political crisis in Lebanon, IHRC Ambassador at Large Maj. Gen. IPC Romanos Aziz Raad, a principal representative of the International Human Rights Commission (IHRC), held a meeting with the Orthodox Patriarch of Armenia and the Middle East. This meeting highlights the IHRC’s dedicated commitment to fostering peace in the region.
In this crucial gathering, Ambassador at Large Romanos Aziz Raad, who also serves as the Chairman of IHRC USA and leads the Diplomatic Mission of IHRC Switzerland in Lebanon, discussed the pivotal role of the Armenian Church in mediating Lebanon’s protracted political deadlock. A primary topic of discussion was the need for unity among Lebanon’s various political and religious parties to elect the next president.
Ambassador Aziz Raad agreed on the suggestion for unity in Lebanon and emphasized the importance of collaboration between all political and religious parties in the country. This united front is seen as essential to successfully electing the future president, a vital step toward stabilizing Lebanon and paving the way for its prosperity.
Aligning with his extensive expertise and the mission of the IHRC, Ambassador at Large Romanos Aziz Raad highlighted the urgency of resolving the Lebanese people’s growing dissatisfaction, stemming from the lack of a stable government. He underscored the need for international cooperation in the peace-building process to instill stability in Lebanon.
This pivotal meeting underscores the value of dialogue and partnership across various sectors, including religious institutions, government bodies, and NGOs, in resolving complex political challenges. It marks the IHRC’s sincere commitment to promoting sustainable peace and stability in Lebanon.

IHRC Motto: "Because what we do today, we do for Generations” - Prof. h. c. Rafal Marcin Wasik’s echo of this sentiment encapsulates the IHRC’s dedication to actions today that benefit future generations, guiding its pursuit of peace and justice worldwide.

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