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"Because what we do today, we do for Generations"
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Human Rights Commission - IHRC
La  Commission  Internationale des  Droit  de  l'Homme
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Merry Christmas
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My dearest Friends, Sisters and Brothers,
Our Wonderful Family IHRC,
another year is coming to an end. A year of life overshadowed by a pandemic, but a wonderful and plentiful year for our Family.
Never before have SMM IHRC conducted so many actions, never so many people leaned on our outstretched hand, warmed up in the warmth of our hearts and took refuge under our roof. One cannot be overjoyed when looking at our humanitarian report. You did it !!! You are the best in the world, that goes without saying. I would like to thank you all, Coordinators and Volunteers.
This past year, thanks to the hard work of the IHRC diplomatic corps, we have signed successive diplomatic agreements by governments. Successive countries recognize us as partners with whom they want to cooperate in improving the fate of their citizens, especially children, adolescents and women. OCYW - Observatory for Monitoring, Protection and Safeguarding of Children, Youth and Women is also developing wonderfully in this field.
As you all know, this year we launched the first official IHRC Diplomatic Mission in Chad. Its launch is as expected and should be completed during my official visit to the Republic of Chad at the beginning of next year.
Our United Organizations and ILOPA (International Local Partnership) platforms are expanding with new organizations and companies from around the world that see in these activities a real opportunity to strengthen overarching values ​​such as human rights, honesty, transparency, mutual assistance, exchange of experiences, and thus strengthen your actions. It would not be possible without your actions to promote our Organization and its principles.
More containers are reaching the Autonomous Republic of Abkhazia with our help for our brothers and friends living there. I have just received a Letter of Gratitude to the IHRC for its real and real help. Yes, because the work of all of us in our Great IHRC Family is real, not just talking on the sofa and exchanging meaningless receipts called by them diplomas or certificates.
I have to emphasize it once again, I am proud of how the IHRC looks today thanks to all of you. Thanks to you, it is light years further than it was a year ago. I am proud that I can act with you and make every effort to ensure that your role in your communities is increasing, because only in this way will IHRC be able to positively influence the world and make it better.
On the occasion of the New Year, as well as the upcoming Christmas, I wish you all, on behalf of myself as well as the authorities and the entire HQ team, a lot of health for you and your loved ones, success in family and professional life, a lot of smile and a lot of strength to let us in Next year, they could influence the fate of people who need us even more than this year, because this is the only way we will influence the fate of the world.
And from the bottom of my heart, I wish all of us that we will live in health to the day when we will not have to do anything else, when our world becomes free, wise and prosperous. We have to believe it and we believe it
....Because what we do today, we do for Generation...
IHRC Secretary General
Prof.h.c.Rafał Marcin Wasik
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