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Umbrella Fund

"What we do today, we do for Generations"

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SMM IHRC > Africa Region > Covid-19 Capo Verde
SMM IHRC volunteers start work at Republic of Cabo Verde - African Region
"We Care and Share"
is an initiative created by  Olawunmi Princess Adewoyin, an official Volunteer for SMM IHRC (ID Card No V1008) in Cabo Verde with  JOCUM/YWAM (Jovens com uma Missão / Youth with a Mission) Cabo Verde headed by Patricia Santo do Silva, to distribute food items to families in Cabo Verde. This initiative is born out of the heart to reach out to the  needy this crucial time. The names of the team members are: Abel Djassy Semedo, Adewoyin Olugbenga, Angela Santos, Grimaldo Nunes Medeiros, Josiane Oliveira Marques, Laurene Alexandre, Meyer Dalva, Patricia Santo Da Silva, Rebeca Ferreira, Taciano Sacramento Lopes.

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