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We are pleased to announce that during the Lusaca, Zambia, 3rd General Assembly Economic, Social and Cultural Counsil of the African Union (AU-ECOSOCC), International Human Rights Commission - IHRC established mutual cooperation with the
Association Internationale de Developpement Economique et Numerigue - AIDEN.
The Memorandum of Mutual Undermining and Cooperation was signed by IHRC on behalf of the Secretary General of IHRC by Ambassador at Large Romanos Raad and by AIDEN - President Cheikh Lahlou Mohamed
MOU primarily focused on the foundation of their statutes and principles, persuaded into the importance of cooperation on the issues of protection of human rights, enhancing international public security, good governance and administration, based on the agreements attained during the negotiations, would to agree, write and verify the followings:
Under the existing jurisdictions, the sides intend finding the ways to develop bilateral cooperation in order to create modern structures to enhance public security, protection of human rights, counteract corruption, and provide comprehensive assistance in fighting against terrorism, international organized crime, illegal migration, drugs and weapons trafficking, money laundering and economic crimes, monitoring democratic elections, training of observers of local democratic elections, implementation of humanitarian programs.
Secretary General IHRC
Sir Rafal Marcin Wasik

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