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ZVC- Mazba Uddin

SMM IHRC > Asia Region > COVID-19 Bangladesh > Chittagong
SMM IHRC in Bangladesh set off to fight covid 19. From the Chittagong branch of the International Human Rights Commission of Bangladesh, different programs were taken to prevent the Corona virus. At that time, hand globes were distributed among the general public with the help of ZVC SMM IHRC - Chittagong City Coordinator Mazba Uddin.
Mr Mazba Uddin try to play good role againts covid19. Under the direction of the Secretary-General sir Rafal Marcin wasik of the International Human Rights Commission and the program, volunteers from Bangladesh are working to prevent the Corona virus. SMM IHRC Volunteers Chittagong city Bangladesh asian region are starting active social information activities about the growing threat of COVID-19.

Mazbauddin.Mr Mazba
Chittagong City Coordinator
ZVC SMM IHRC in Bangldesh

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