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SMM IHRC > Asia Region > COVID-19 Bangladesh > Foods for Hunger
Office to the NVC & Peace Ambassador SMM IHRC in Bangladesh.
Asia Region.
Foods for Hunger
—- Rafal M. Wasik.
He is the best who gives Foods to the Hunger! said by-Prophet Mohammed SM(Peace be upon him).
One of personal quote of Rafal M.Wasik— “Every morning I woke up with a new idea for solution”.
Now whole the World passing critical moments.World Leaders are astonished! whats happening? How can overcome? Hungry peoples, unemployed peoples
Business locked, earnings blocked!
Now a days Foods supply to the Hunger is good Solutions.
According to guided by Peace Ambassador, Mohammed Elias Serazi, Volunteer Engineer Mr Shoumen Barua V- No:921 distributed Foods 3rd times among the Street Child, disable but Hunger,old, women
More then 250 poor of Panchlish police circle, Murad pur circle, chalk bazar, Bohadder hat area.

NVC SMM IHRC in Bangladesh
Ambassador Md Elias Shiraji

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