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SMM IHRC in India

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On 23rd June 2020 our SMM IHRC Volunteer Dr Rubee Singh from India visited the unsheltered camp in Delhi and distributed books, pens, foodstuffs, mask, sanitizer,chocolate, cakes, biscuits for unsheltered homeless children's, there were around 20 childrens.
According to Dr Rubee Singh -
we are aware that due to pandemic they cant go to school so I decided to visit these children' on regular basis and provide essential educational items to them. As per constitutions under Article 21A all children have the right to education. I feel all aware and responsible citizens must take it as a challenges. As per united nations agenda by 2030, we need to achieve 100% world literacy rate. So come together and help to protect the children during this pandemic.
“children are a supremely important national asset and the future well being of a nation depends upon how its children grow and develop.”
Reported By:
Dr Rubee Singh - India
IHRC No- V994CZ/EU/20

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