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SMM IHRC in Egypt

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A press note by Dr. Amr Said Gad Mohamed El-Feki, RVC SMM IHRC -Egypt / Arab Region;
Today corresponding to 6/25/2020 volunteers SMM IHRC d. Amr Al-Faki, Jamal Hameed, Mansour Al-Faki, Shaima Bayoumi, Israa Mansi, Ahmed Al-Faki, Mahmoud Mohamed / Dr. Neama Ahmed distributing some food and health supplies most in need in light of facing the current period. Helping the poor and the needy who have lost their source of livelihood in the difficult conditions that the country is going through due to the Crohn virus, in the city of Sidi Bishr / Alexandria Governorate / Arab Republic of Egypt. These measures have helped reduce the spread of the COVID-19 epidemic and provide international consulting services to reduce and help others reduce the spread of the global epidemic.
Dr. Amr Saeed Gad Mohamed Tread

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