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To support the President

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International Human Rights Commission - IHRC ( Umbrella Found) : To support the President of the Republic of Lebanon in forming the next Government ...
The Ambassador at Large of the International Human Rights Commission on and its advisor Affairs to the United Nations in Geneva  Dr. Haissam Bou Said received a call from the Ambassador to the International Commission of the Economic and Social Council, Ambassadorat Large Romanos Aziz Raad, and discussed issues of the region, especially the current situation in Lebanon and the Middle East.
The statement noted that the IHRC strongly supports the Lebanese President General Michel Aoun and enjoys full confidence and what he is working on in order to activate efforts regarding the formation of the next government. The committee wished to support President Aoun in order to enable the government to find solutions to end the economic crises and suffering of the Lebanese people, fight corruption and create a strong economy.

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