Elena Reutter - International Human Rights Commission

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Elena Reutter

Goodwill Ambassador IHRC
Elena Reutter, Goodwill Ambassador to the IHRC, International Human Rights Commission. He is currently the current Eastern Europe manager at OMH Holding AG, Spin off ETH Zürich, Director of the Omnimedica branch in Ukraine and philanthropist. Financially supports people in Ukraine in health matters. Volunteer in Switzerland at the St. Nicholas Foundation. Coordinator of the humanitarian campaign "Helping Children with ADHD and Atopic Dermatitis." It is also aimed at treating postoperative and other wounds diagnosed as complex. Emotionally and financially supports people with cancer. I want to support people in the world as much as possible and lend a helping hand. I am guided by the motto: << If every person on this planet can lend a helping hand not only with money but also with actions, then our world will become better.
>> Live with love in your heart!

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